DJI Phantom Pilot – DJI Inspire Pilot – Peoria IL

DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire Video footage services     Well-known Peoria businesses[edit] Archer Daniels Midland − corn processing plant and ethanol producer Bergner’s − department store; started in 1889 in downtown Peoria and eventually bought out...
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Bachelor of Arts : Art 2000
Minor in Recreation Management
Houghton College, Houghton, NY


Full time employment doing quality work with a learner‘s attitude in a place where creativity is abundant, criticism is shared, and leadership is strong; to be prolific in that environment furthering my audience and abilities beyond what I achieved in the past.


  • Visually intelligent, creatively motivated
  • 14 years Production experience
  • Motion Picture & Video Direction for unscripted content
  • Lighting and Grip for cinema : dolly, crane and steadicam setup and operation
  • Adobe Creative Suite workflow mastery with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, and Lightroom
  • Proficient in common Web technologies including WordPress, HTML, CSS, & PHP
  • Professional training expertise communicating concepts and technical skills to fellow professionals
  • Farm grown common sense with a strong work ethic
  • Extensive experience with collaborative problem solving
  • RGB Production: web scalability, video production, photo archive management
  • CMYK Print Production: Long Run, Short Run, On Demand and Book Binding


  • For complete history please view my extensive Linked In profile
  • 14 Years as freelance creative professional in stills and motion
  • Fortune 500 Clients include: New York Times Magazine, General Mills, UPS, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Harpers, Beretta, Intermedia Outdoors, Kronke Sports Enterprises

Core Values

  • Relate to Each Individual
  • Create from Personal Insight
  • Dream Globally and Act Locally

Broadcast TV Titles

  • ESPN Golf
  • NASCAR Reality
  • Big Deer
  • Guns & Ammo
  • Gallery of Guns
  • Ruger Inside and Out
  • World Of Beretta
  • Peterson’s Hunting
  • Bowhunter TV
  • North American Whitetail

Introduce yourself or your project

15 + 13 =

Time is your frend-enemy in production, too much to do – so choices have to be made!  A constant creative tool in my arsenal is to bend time with a timelapse, to show action, environment and change.

Nice work with the gimbal Neil!

I just saw an episode you shot with Craig Boddington in Mexico.

Danny Dodge

Field Producer, Road Runner Productions

Neil has an incredible eye for images, and presents a new reality through his photography. Whenever I’ve had the pleasure of working on a job with Neil, he’s always been a complete pro, focused on his work and considerate to other professionals who needed to share the same work area. And, he could always add some levity to the situation, even if things weren’t going perfectly. I would work with Neil any day, and not hesitate to recommend him.

Dave Bartlett

Cinematographer, Bartlett Television Productions

Neil is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. I hired Neil on multiple occasions for consulting, coaching and training of my digital workflow and compositional technique. Neil’s skills as a artist combined with his incredible talent for digital media management and ease of workflow far exceeds anyone I know in this industry. If you hire Neil prepare to be amazed.

Adam Coker

Producer, The Good Light

Neil Cowley is beyond talented. He’s a self-starter, a self-generator, and selfless with his wonderful, creative ideas. He’s always striving to bring his readers beyond the obvious elements of the story.

Gary Fong

Photo Editor, San Franscisco Chronicle / Genesis Photo Agency

Neil is possibly the most talented cinematographer I’ve ever met. While some people take pictures, others are Artists. Artist describes Neil. From his technical skills to his mastery of composition I am always in awe. Neil is one of those thoroughly creative, aesthetically genius people that I strive to compare myself to in my own work.

Joshua Pies

Writer/Producer, C47 Film Associates