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Do more with less effort

Do you feel more productive with all the software you have?  Or do you feel like you have missing pieces left to learn…that the dots aren’t quite connected.  In today’s economic climate, you’ll want to maximize your time and effort – Lightroom can help you do just that!

Work from a creative mindset

Make a comfortable workspace, and allow your creative thoughts to flow, let your body respond to get what it wants – and build that satisfaction and success into deeper success.  Don’t use more than you need, so that confusion and frustration don’t find you.

The video training included in the package includes these core topics:

  • Installing Nostromo settings, export plugins and develop presets
  • Getting your bearings in the interface: tweeking it for you, and for less distraction
  • Starting an editing workflow: mindset and action
  • Starting a color correction workflow: balancing action, and inspiration
  • Starting a publishing export workflow: print medium, web medium with export presets and using the plugins

LIGHTSPEED Photoshop workflow

Complete package for Photoshop retouching workflow – click through to purchase

LIGHTSPEED Lightroom Package

Left handed access to shortcuts for Lightroom speed that doesn’t end up collecting dust on your desktop – click for instant download.

LIGHTSPEED Seminar New York May 4th
Sit down personally with Neil May 4th – Long Island/New York City – register online

LIGHTSPEED Seminar Boston May 8th

Get a firm handle on your workflow with Neil in Boston May 7th

Contact Neil to host a seminar in your city!

Virtual 1on1 Training

Get some personal motivation or further clarity in refining your workflow, or help with advanced techniques – click to schedule.

Wacom Light Speed Workflow Package

The full monty, the freedom of a pen + clarity of the Nostromo shortcut to speed and inspired action.

The LIGHTSPEED workflow uses these wonderful export plugins:

Plugins for Lightroom 2: