Platinum Print: Classic B+W Photoshop action

A Platinum print look. Classic B+W Photoshop action


The classic B+W printing process called a Platinotype produced a very long-scale, rich photographic print.

The Photoshop Action to mimic this look uses the power and flexibility of L*A*B* colorspace to bring your image the classy craftsmanship of the platinum style print.

platinum print classic B+W photoshop action

BIG BANG WEDDING 076.jpgSilvery grey highlights and and a detailed contrasty midtone and shadow area are the characteristics you will find accentuated in the Platinum Tone Photoshop Action by Neil Cowley.  If you’ve purchased the One Actionset – the Platinum tone curve is already available for you to use.  If you’re looking for a classy variation on your usual Black and White workflow, this action will give you a slightly antique or vintage feel to your image style.  If you have been looking at the print style favored by Lenswork magazine, this action will help get you close to that traditional classy fibre based B+W style print!

The Photoshop Action will harness the power of L*A*B* color mode to tone and refine your images, while fitting into your standard RGB workflow and can be activated with one click as a button, batch processed as an action, or made into a self starting droplet.