vintage vignette antique effect high resolution texture file download

k54 vintage vignette antique effect high resolution texture file download

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Small oval inset vintage photo texture download

Learn photographic Lighting

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Vintage Multiple Choice Action Set

Vintage Multiple Choice Action Set The Vintage Multiple Choice action produces 11 layers for you to blend into your vintage style. The action does…

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photography lighting instructor teacher

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir Retouching tutorial

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir Retouching

tutorial is sponsored by the generously donated pinup images of Kelly @ Bay Area Pinups

This is some of the fun vintage effects achieved with the Vintage packages, video guide after the jump:

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir Retouching tutorial


Free Light Friday 4-10-09

Download high resolution photo artistic texture <here

Free Light Friday: 3-27-09

Double header today!

In reference to creating vintage and antique photo effects, we want to achieve the elusive ‘light leak’ effect…

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sunburst- free texture by Eddi 07.

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The ‘light leak’ effect is a partial bleaching or lightening of the image plane caused by a leak of light at exposure, development, printing, or uneven fading of the image in the aging or weathering process.  A light leak layer is included in the Vintage Multiple choice workflow action.

Vintage Multiple Choice Action Set

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To read a concise tutorial on creating the faded - light leaking look try this tutorial by Wharf 8

Now comes the toning of the image. Again, I used the curves layer to adjust the reds, blues and yellows as well as to slightly fade the image.

If you’d like the Golden Touch in your light leaking adventures – buy the texture set:

Golden Touch Texture Set

Click to purchase

Creative light leaky blessings this friday!

Vintage Multiple Choice Photoshop Action Set

The Vintage Multiple Choice action produces 11 layers for you to blend into your vintage style.

Vintage Multiple Choice Action Set

The action does not produce automatic results, it’s up to you to finesse the options – but it’s results have an authentic antique, vintage and aged print look.

Who is this action for?

Intermediate to Advanced Photoshop users looking for a starting point for authentic, malleable vintage effects.

How does this action work?

The action produces 11 layers for you to blend and interact with giving you  285311670611 possible combinations for your photo styling pleasure! You can use the layer masks and layer blending modes to reach the creative potential of your images.  The action set is a palette of paints for you to finesse into your masterpiece, it is not a shortcut but a workflow.  If you are really interested in the vintage look, you’ll want to distress the image in custom ways so that it looks aged differently on different parts of the photo.

Here is a series of screenshots of the eleven example layers – first is the original image for reference as you see the changes:

Original Image for reference

^ original image – return for comparisions ^

soft light blended smoothing - Vintage photoshop action

The soft light smoothing layer is a basic retouch method that nearly everyone’s familiar with, it’s at the bottom.

simple vintage BW - Vintage photoshop action

The Simple Vintage B+W layer is one of 6 custom curve layers operating in the LAB color space.  You can quickly paint in a little black into your layer mask to provide a variably aged look.

reddened antique layer - Vintage photoshop action

The reddened antique curve layer complements the green layer below it – if you are hoping to provide a vintage color look, the emulsions of prints tend to fade either red or green – you can custom mix them by local area or overall tonality (see green layer).

funktifier green - Vintage photoshop action

The funktifier green layer has a tone-map auto loaded.  A tone map is a layer mask that uses the same lightness values as the image, providing a green tone to the shadows of the image.  You can alter your tone map with a curve, or you can alter the curve adjustment layer to alter the hue or saturation of the green.

muted bleached sepia - Vintage photoshop action

Muted and bleached Sepia layer which lightens your shadow zones and mutes(darkens) your highlights to a ruddy sepia color.  This is your basic faded sepia look that you can dial in and customize for your image.  Double click the curve adjustment layer to open it and operate with the surgical artistic destiny of your intuition.

light leak option - Vintage photoshop action

Lens Leak layer 1 – Pay attention here folks, this is a trick to mimic the light leaks on film from old or leaky bellows.  It takes into consideration your image as it builds the effect.

lens leak option - Vintage photoshop action

Light Leak option 2 – a stronger effect of the light leak – blend it into your image for that variable look that the years of aging produce.

bleached shadows color - Vintage photoshop action

Bleached shadows color layer – this layer mimics a light bleaching of the print, a delicate darkroom process that would take you a few months to master if you were doing this 10 years ago.  It’s also an effect of the aging emulsion, so build up your taste for the effects of aging by looking at plenty of old pictures.  Good taste makes good pictures – not actions.

basic low color warm - Vintage photoshop action

Basic low color desaturation layer.

vintage film grain layer - Vintage photoshop action

Grain texture layer.

Automatic texture layer - Vintage photoshop action

Vintage texture layer @100% – mix in to taste – this is an auto generated texture, so I suggest a light hand.  Custom textures are included in the Vintage Master package.

Here’s the results of my custom vintage processing of these two example images

Powerful film-noir style bridal portrait photographer

My creative intentions were to capitalize on the dramatic eye contact and the sparkle of that ROCK.  To do so, I went completely black in the shadows, but kept them a warm, chocolaty black, the major desaturation is matched with a slight warm highlight hue – making the overall image nearly a duotone – one highlight value, and one shadow value.  I worked to channel the feminine power in the gaze, into the tonality and impression of the entire image.

Vintage style fashion bridal portrait North Carolina

Completely opposite in tone and intention, I felt the feminine grace of this pose and chose to follow that direction in my retouching.  Whereas the ring shot was sharpened by an increase in contrast this image was softened by gaussian blur and custom texture overlay from the Beautiful Blurs Volume 2.  I used the blur to focus attention on the back of the dress and hairpiece.  Overall this image never gets to completely black, and the highlights buzz with a soft lightening texture.

I hope this discussion is valuable to you as you seek to find the expression in your images.

New York photojournalist signature

Vintage Maker Kit

Here’s a creative package for all those sepia-tone lovers, steam-punk aficionados, and handmade artists.

Vintage Maker Package

Vintage Maker Kit – 5 Postcards + 10 Textures + 2 Actions

Vintage Maker Kit - Postcards+

A tremendous value to help you achieve a vintage photo style for $39

The vintage look isn’t just a one time thing for you. You’re looking for a classy, fun and witty theme to bring into your work to astonish your clients. The Vintage Maker Kit is 5 postcard backs, 10 texture files to add a worn and antique feel to your images, and 2 photoshop toning actions that will creatively alter your photographs to achieve the tonal balance of an image faded and worn by years of love and appreciation. Postcards are 2400 pixels on longest side. Available for immediate download upon purchase.

Paper Textures - Vintage Maker Kit


Golden Touch Monochrome: free sepia style photoshop action

Golden Touch Monochrome: free sepia style photoshop action

Golden Touch Monochrome

Golden Touch - Sepia Photoshop action download


All free ornaments text ornaments for vintage and antique effects

All free ornaments | Briar Press | A letterpress community

 image: Corner RR1
 image: Bird
 image: F Bailey Shaded
 image: Rounded frame
 image: F Saphir
 image: T Rogers
 image: J Congress

5 Vintage photo retouching resources

Download high resolution vintage stock photo effect

Download the Original size

Download the Original size

Download the Original size

Download the Original size

Download the Original size

Vintage Maker Kit - Postcards+

Vintage Maker Kit – 5 Postcards + 10 Textures + 2 Actions

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