Vignette Complex Shapes

Does this image look useful to you?  

 Vignette Complex Shapes - veritas-10.jpg

Well I included it in the Verities Vignette texture set in the hopes of inspiring your creativity, this is how I used it tonight – Before:

Vignette Complex Shapes - Before image effect 

Vignette Complex Shapes - After effect applied

There you’ll see the edged dodged down in a nicely organic way…control the darkness and control the perception of the image!

Veritas Vignette Overlays

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Mind Like Water: Matthew 6:22-23

Mind Like water : against darkness
22 “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! – Matthew 6:22-23

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Understanding the power of darkness: from high key to low key

Following in the footsteps of my retouching tutorials:

I know these are written to a more abstract level and so today I’d like to provide a more hands-on experience and so I have posted this L*A*B* colorspace photoshop file for you to download.  There are eleven layers in this file, from the starting image, on up through the finished look.

 From Light to dark photoshop tutorial

Let’s dig in


Eye of the muse : retouch deconstructed

If you shot this image – would you find something in it?

Image before Retouch

Photo Courtesy of Shane Snyder photojournalist

Understanding the suggestive power of darkness

Here’s our starter image for this discussion:

How to retouch with textures : original image

here’s our finished image for this discussion:

How to retouch with textures : finished with vignette

Now you’re right that’s not the EXACT same image, but there’s just a moment’s difference – I couldn’t find the un-retouched version.

I did find a smaller resolution version – again the point of contention is the vanishing point in the composition.  You may compose this while you’re shooting – and it may be proper as you’re composing the environmental elements in your image – but what is the compelling ‘moment’ of the image?

professional grade retouching workflow



Getting That Cool Gritty Look – Lightroom Preset Download

Photoshop Insider » Getting That Cool Gritty Look Right in Camera Raw and Photoshop or Lightroom

Read the above full explanation, and start with these settings:

  • Fill Light = 100%
  • Blacks = Test this one to taste: 10-100%
  • Contrast = 50-100%
  • Clarity = 100%
  • Vibrance = 50-100%
  • Recovery = 0-100%
  • Saturation = -81% rely on your vibrance to color the image and desaturate to get the metallic look.

grungy lightroom preset

Download the Photoshop Lightroom Grunge Preset download

Gritty & Grungy Lightroom Preset

Before image on the left.  Below, Dark Descent lighting overlays applied to the effect.

Dark Descent Lighting Overlay comparison

Have fun with the preset!

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