Become Like Children

‘The Way to Love’ by Anthony de Mello

If you allow yourself to really feel the pains of this hell on earth, the utter emptiness it brings, you might experience within you a revolt,


a disgust so powerful that it will shatter the chains of dependence

and the deceit that have been forged around your soul and you will break loose into the kingdom of innocence where mystics and children dwell.

Mind As

(that is why I say ‘hear the shadows’)

Tao 43 : advantages of non-ado

with thanksgiving

Tao 43

The softest of all things

Overrides the hardest of all

Only Nothing can enter in to no-space.

Hence I know the advantages of Non-Ado.

Few things under heaven are as instructive as the lessons of Silence,

Or as beneficial as the fruits of Non-Ado.

Mind Like Water : Exhale

Pocket Classic Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, John C.H. Wu

Mind Like Water: Tao 29

Trying to control the world?

I see you won’t succeed.

T’ien hsia shen ch’i

The world is a spiritual vessel

And cannot be controlled.

Mind like water: Tao 29

Those who control, fail.

Those who grasp, loose.


Some go forth, some are led,

Some weep, some blow flutes,

Some beceome strong, some superfluous,

Some oppress, some are destroyed.


Therefore the sage

Casts off extremes,

Casts off excess,

Casts off extravagance.

TAO TE CHING by Lao-Tzu Translated by Stephen Addiss, Stanley Lombardo

Techniques for higher creativity

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Mind Like Water – Clarity 52

Reserve your judgments and words
And you maintain your influence;
Speak your mind and take positions
And nothing will save you.

Mind Like Water - Clarity 52

As observing detail is clarity,
So maintaining flexibility is strength;
Use the light but shed no light,
So that you do yourself no harm,

Mind Like water : 52 clarity

But embrace clarity.

Tao Te Ching 52
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Mind Like Water: Tao 34

Great TAO overflows

To the Left To the right

It may be called immense.

By not making itself great,

It can do great things.


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Mind like water: Practice the art of Meditation

Mind like water is a visual metaphor for a state of being. A nugget I hope you gain from watching this video is quoted “choice is a function of awareness, awareness comes as a function of meditation.”


So if no-one has ever taught you the goal of meditation let me help you “observe things from a place of non-reaction, which does not mean detachment, but means not attached to an outcome.” And this is my personal favorite photographic mode, allowing my own choices to be fully aware and scooping creative power from the natural surroundings….I hope you begin a practice of meditation into your life to help you create with a watchful eye and this article blesses you with the inertia to start that practice.

YouTube – Michael Beckwith – The power of Meditation