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Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop CS5 & Pixel BenderGavin Hoey

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Organic Vignette : Artistic Texture Set

Organic Vignette Artistic Textrure Set – buy now…click here

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

Organic Vignette Texture Set by Make Light Real

A snow based photoshop toning tutorial

View finished images on Flickr

The Secret of KJ’s Processing!

Bokeh Light blobs free photoshop brushes – Free Light Friday 3-22-09

Light brushes – Free Photoshop Brushes | Brush King

Brush Screenshot
Description :

Ever wanted to make those blurry lights in the back of dark pictures? Here’s a quick and dirty way of doing just that. It may not be the exact thing but that all depends on the talent and creativity of the person using the brushes (of which I have none obviously). 3 shapes (circle, hexagon, octagon), 9 brushes total: 6 Scatter brushes 3 Non-scatter If you guys come up with something cool with it, do drop a line and be like “Yo check this thing I made with your brushes!”.

Creating Edge Effects with Photoshop with John Reuter

YouTube – Creating Edge Effects with Photoshop with John Reuter

PROJECT: Open Source Action project

PROJECT: Action and Preset Extravaganza by the Epic Edits weblog




If you’re planning on participating and having a chance at some of the awesome prizes, be sure to read the following requirements very carefully. I’ve provided some useful links to appropriate resources, so don’t overlook them!

    The first important part of the project is actually creating the action or preset. The choice of software is up to you — whatever you happen to use. The action(s) and/or preset(s) that you choose to create and share are also totally up to you — they could be workflow timesavers, creative tweaks, or whatever else you can dream up. If you’re not familiar with creating these things, you can read up on creating Photoshop actions and Lightroom presetsAnd the creations must be your own — no swiping somebody else’s work!
    This is the hard part, but we’ve got some options for you. You’ll need to upload your action/preset file to the web so others can download it. If you have your own blog or website, this is no problem and you can host the file yourself. Some forums also allow files to be attached to posts. But sites like Flickr don’t allow this, while they do allow you to link to external files. To accommodate those of you with fewer options, Neil has offered to host your project files on his site. You can email him at with your file. He’ll upload it to his server and send you the URL so you can link to it in step 3.
    Once you’ve created your tool and made it accessible to others, you’ll have to write about it. There are many forms of self-publication, so don’t be intimidated. You should tell us what the action/preset does, how it works, and any special instructions for using it. You should also link out to your file from step 2 so others (including me) can download it and use it.
    When your written post is complete (with the link to your action/preset), fill out the form at this link. Just plug in your name, the location of your write-up from step 3, and your email address so I can contact you if needed.




    Valued at $290, this prize includes a Nostromo n52 left-hand keypad, “ONE” Lightroom/ACR preset, “ONE” Photoshop Action, and tutorials. This is an awesome package! This winner will also receive a $39 credit to use toward any additional items from Neil.
    Valued at $250, this prize includes the “ONE ACTION” workflow scripts plus a 4 hour training course covering the workflow scripts and working in LAB color space. This winner will also receive a $39 credit to use toward any additional items from Neil.
    Valued at $79 and $49, respectively, this prize includes the “ONE ACTION” scripts and presets for Photoshop and Lightroom, plus extra training materials along with additional Photoshop actions and 30 textures. This winner will also receive a $39 credit to use toward any additional items from Neil.
    The two “honorary mentions” will each receive a $39 credit toward the purchase of any item from Neil’s offerings.
    Just to shake things up a bit, we’ll select another 5 random winners to receive the $39 credit toward any item of their choice. So anybody could be a winner, you just have to participate!

So… basically we’re looking at over $1000 in prizes given out to 10 different winners. Not bad!


Free Watercolour Brush Strokes Hi-Res PS Brushes

Free Light Friday 11-14-08

Free Watercolour Brush Strokes: Hi-Res PS Brushes + Source Files | fudgegraphics | for lovers

This is already the 3rd Watercolour Photoshop Brush Set to be released on fudgegraphics. But if you’re anything like me you can’t get enough of them. This time I restrained myself to only produce actual brush strokes (with the exception of one blop). All 14 brushes are a extremely hi-res, with resolutions ranging from 1597px up to 2500px.
For all those who are using Photoshop versions prior to CS1 I threw in the source files as well. All 14 images are available in png format and measure a stunning 2500px by 2500px. And all this for free.

Creative Excercise: double exposure overlays

greyscale gorilla/blog » Overlays: Double Exposure Photo Technique

Street Corner Technique

This variation is a fun way to turn a single location into one Overlay collage. Pick one location to go and shoot. A street corner works well. Shoot four distinct photos from this one location. For instance, for the example in the post above, I shot a tree, a face, a building and a texture. When you get home, overlay those four images you took and go through the “basic technique” steps above.

Show some of your Photo Overlays! in the Overlays Flickr Group for your to upload your final images.

Take a creative exercise where you simply respond to what interests you in the moment….

Understanding the suggestive power of darkness

Here’s our starter image for this discussion:

How to retouch with textures : original image

here’s our finished image for this discussion:

How to retouch with textures : finished with vignette

Now you’re right that’s not the EXACT same image, but there’s just a moment’s difference – I couldn’t find the un-retouched version.

I did find a smaller resolution version – again the point of contention is the vanishing point in the composition.  You may compose this while you’re shooting – and it may be proper as you’re composing the environmental elements in your image – but what is the compelling ‘moment’ of the image?

professional grade retouching workflow



Platinum Print: Classic B+W Photoshop action

A Platinum print look. Classic B+W Photoshop action


The classic B+W printing process called a Platinotype produced a very long-scale, rich photographic print.

The Photoshop Action to mimic this look uses the power and flexibility of L*A*B* colorspace to bring your image the classy craftsmanship of the platinum style print.

platinum print classic B+W photoshop action

BIG BANG WEDDING 076.jpgSilvery grey highlights and and a detailed contrasty midtone and shadow area are the characteristics you will find accentuated in the Platinum Tone Photoshop Action by Neil Cowley.  If you’ve purchased the One Actionset – the Platinum tone curve is already available for you to use.  If you’re looking for a classy variation on your usual Black and White workflow, this action will give you a slightly antique or vintage feel to your image style.  If you have been looking at the print style favored by Lenswork magazine, this action will help get you close to that traditional classy fibre based B+W style print!

The Photoshop Action will harness the power of L*A*B* color mode to tone and refine your images, while fitting into your standard RGB workflow and can be activated with one click as a button, batch processed as an action, or made into a self starting droplet.