Black and White film Lightroom presets

Black and White film Lightroom presets
A set of three Black and White Lightroom presets to mimic film Contrast management techniques to mimic the tonal response of black and white films

Black and White film Lightroom presets - Click Image to Close

Click to download other free photoshop actions and textures

Read more about the LIGHTSPEED – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom enhanced workflow seminar

Epic Styler contest winners and download

The entries are in and have been collected into a single download available in the Create Cart:

Epic Styler Contest Package

Congratulations to the winners – I think we’ll be doing this again soon!

  1. First place was awarded to Tasha Schalk with her Rock Concert actions – she’s excited to try out her Lightspeed Package!
  2. Phill Price’s monochrome lightroom preset for a moody pink tone captured the third place prize



    Valued at $290, this prize includes a Nostromo n52 left-hand keypad, “ONE” Lightroom/ACR preset, “ONE” Photoshop Action, and tutorials. This is an awesome package! This winner will also receive a $39 credit to use toward any additional items from Neil.
    Valued at $250, this prize includes the “ONE ACTION” workflow scripts plus a 4 hour training course covering the workflow scripts and working in LAB color space. This winner will also receive a $39 credit to use toward any additional items from Neil.
    Valued at $79 and $49, respectively, this prize includes the “ONE ACTION” scripts and presets for Photoshop and Lightroom, plus extra training materials along with additional Photoshop actions and 30 textures. 

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Make your sky blue

Make Light Real

And if you don’t think a Lightroom preset or photoshop trick can change the lighting in a photo – watch this:

Original Out of camera image

Original Image

Blue Skies - preset #1

Preset #1 – low power

Color bend method 1 - Blue Skies Presets

Preset #2 – medium power

Power level 2 - Lightroom Blue Skies Presets

Can you see how much more distinct the light coming through the trees is visualized in the photo?

Buy them here:

Blue Skies - Lightroom Preset

Blue Skies – Lightroom Preset – to make your photos $9 better!

Video Tutorial on the Color Blue

Video Tutorial on the Color Blue – take your basic understanding of photoshop and push it into the professional level!

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Google Image ad sizes – Photoshop Crop tool preset download

I was making some image ads for Google today, and exported the crop tool presets for each of their sizes:

  • 468 x 60 Banner
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard
  • 250 x 250 Square
  • 200 x 200 Small Square
  • 336 x 280 Large Rectangle
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
  • 120 x 600 Skyscraper
  • 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

Free Lightroom Brush Presets by Seim; Brush Preset collection

Free Lightroom Brush Presets by Seim; Brush Preset collection

Did you know that in Lightroom2 You can use a brush to make precise corrections, and even have brush presets ready to go to make those corrections easy.

Well I knew about LR  brushes, but I had not given enough attention to them until Matt Kloskowski posted up some darken brushes, and got my mind in gear on a great workflow asset.

Here’s a collection of brush presets I made for… Burn, Dodge, Color Boost, Color Drain, Skin Soft, and Detail Boost. Remember that these don’t work the same as my Develop presets. These are for “Brush” settings. If you need to learn how to install them take a look at my Installing Lightroom Brush Presets articleThe download is above. Just download unzip and follow the directions.

Lightroom 300 Movie Presets Free Download « mikelao photography

Lightroom 300 Presets (Download) « mikelao photography

Here’s a fun freebie, with Photoshop Lightroom preset to help you style your images like the “300″ movie

ONE LIGHTROOM: preset for core workflow

ONE LIGHTROOM: preset for core workflow

Use the backbone single preset/calibration/baseline starting point for Neil’s custom ONE ACTION workflow, and don’t bother going all the way to Photoshop.  Custom dodging and burning can now be done in Lightroom, so if you’re just working in Lightroom start out with the color clarity and expression of Neil’s preset.

The Lightroom preset package includes an XMP file for use with Camera Raw as a preset template or camera calibration to save as a Camera Raw default – which is the same way it should be used in Lightroom.

For best results, apply this preset to all your images, and then progress to standard color correction adjustments of exposure, white balance, and curves.  The preset will not alter your color temperature or exposure, but will tweak the host of other settings to bring clarity and a finer balance to your images.

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Getting That Cool Gritty Look – Lightroom Preset Download

Photoshop Insider » Getting That Cool Gritty Look Right in Camera Raw and Photoshop or Lightroom

Read the above full explanation, and start with these settings:

  • Fill Light = 100%
  • Blacks = Test this one to taste: 10-100%
  • Contrast = 50-100%
  • Clarity = 100%
  • Vibrance = 50-100%
  • Recovery = 0-100%
  • Saturation = -81% rely on your vibrance to color the image and desaturate to get the metallic look.

grungy lightroom preset

Download the Photoshop Lightroom Grunge Preset download

Gritty & Grungy Lightroom Preset

Before image on the left.  Below, Dark Descent lighting overlays applied to the effect.

Dark Descent Lighting Overlay comparison

Have fun with the preset!

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