Vintage Soft Color Photoshop Action

Vintage Soft Color Photoshop Action

Vintage Soft Color - Click Image to Close

The vintage soft color action will gently desaturate your image with a soft chocolate antique shadows. Expect a slightly darker mid-tone from the results. The desaturation method used is not like desaturation slider as it does not operate equally across the spectrum of colors. Great style for any photo subject. Action operates in LAB color mode.

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Systematic Color calibration comparison

Vintage Soft Color Systematic Color comparision

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Vintage Soft Color Photoshop Action Example image

Golden Touch Monochrome: free sepia style photoshop action

Golden Touch Monochrome: free sepia style photoshop action

Golden Touch Monochrome

Golden Touch - Sepia Photoshop action download


How to cross light a mountain: Aoraki Mt. Cook New Zealand

his post is in the Thinking Big series combined with a couple other techniques:

Equals how to cross light a mountain!
Aerial overall view
One of the repetitive questions I get from people are – why such a big flash – and why take it all over with you? I suppose it would be like asking someone who works online the whole time why they use a broadband internet connection (, for them the answer is pretty obvious. And it is for me too, it just makes so many more options available.

Quite frankly – this is EXACTLY why!

In my lighting case that I loaded onto the plane in Rochester New York was:

  • 1 Alien Bee 800 Monoblock flash unit
  • 1 Paul C. Buff Vagabond portable power unit and power cord
  • 1 Black Impact Air Cusioned light stand height 230cm (model #SLS-LS8A)
  • 1 Pocketwizard reciever
  • Paul C Buff 11 inch parabolic reflector

Here’s one of the resulting peak moment shots that I try to reach for in my wedding photojournalism. The lighting case was loaded in the helicopter’s coffin gear carrier for the trip up the mountain and across the island. But a large mono-light wasn’t all I had in my arsenal

Of course I want to cover the whole event with variety as well as style so get past the jump and let’s talk details… (more…)

Light Control: turn the sky from white to blue

Before flash:

After Flash:

2 Day Lighting & Portrait Workshop with JVS & Anne

Off Camera Flash by JVS » 2 Day Lighting & Portrait Workshop with JVS & Anne – October 7th & 8th

Ok so you ask who is JVS – that’s ok, I know you may not have heard about him, since he’s been living the happy life in Dallas ever since getting married and retiring to oh, 20-30 weddings a year.  Regrettably, the industry doesn’t reward true visionaries – it rewards self-promoters.  He’s the former…

Joseph Victor Stephanchek was there at the beginning.

The beginning of the cultural revolution of wedding photography, like circa 2000-2003.  And he did a good bit of the Sisyphean task of getting the wedding imagery market out of the doldrums.  

I know, you probably weren’t in the industry yet – but he’s not an old timer, he’s an innovator.  He’s a visionary – there’s nothing like the work he produces and shows. Pick a gallery from his documentary weddings portfolio and see if you’ve ever seen such an intense vision?

And lighting is not about technique.

It’s about vision!

Technique follows the vision, and so I recommend that you take a chance with your time and money, have a trip to Dallas and meet the man (and his woman).  Dallas really rocks the photography world, making NY jealous!  So all you New Yorkers better hop a plane and get some lessons to get yourselves back in the game!

2 Day Lighting & Portrait Workshop with JVS & Anne – October 7th & 8th

Now a little more about JVS:

The man can balance a handheld flash, with ambient like nobody’s business.  Which is just a statement that words don’t do justice to the creativity he can pull off with a 24mm lens and a shoe flash.  Proving the point lighting comes from vision – all the way up to the big guns, he can stun you with a powerpack as well!  So go to the workshop and get some info on anything from a Vivitar to a Profoto Pack.

Did I mention I wish I could go?  Tough thing is with my schedule, it’s hard to get an opening less than three months out.  This workshop is just three weeks out!  jump on it, 

And tell him Neil sent ya!

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