Tao 8 : form of goodness


The highest form of goodness is like water.

Water knows how to benefit all things without striving with them.

It stays in places loathed by all men.

Therefore, it comes near the Tao.

In choosing your dwelling, know how to keep the ground.

In cultivating your mind, know how to dive in the hidden deeps.

In dealing with others, know how to be gentle and kind.

In speaking, know how to keep your words.

In governing, know how to maintain order.

In transacting business, know how to be efficient.

In making a move, know how to choose the right moment.

If you do not strive with others,

You will be free from blame.

Mind Like Water : quietly

Pocket Classic Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, John C.H. Wu

Mind Like Water – Clarity 52

Reserve your judgments and words
And you maintain your influence;
Speak your mind and take positions
And nothing will save you.

Mind Like Water - Clarity 52

As observing detail is clarity,
So maintaining flexibility is strength;
Use the light but shed no light,
So that you do yourself no harm,

Mind Like water : 52 clarity

But embrace clarity.

Tao Te Ching 52
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Mind Like Water: Tao 12

Too much colour blinds the eye,
Too much music deafens the ear,
Too much taste dulls the palate,
Too much play maddens the mind,
Too much desire tears the heart.

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In this manner the sage cares for people:
He provides for the belly, not for the senses;
He ignores abstraction and holds fast to substance.

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Mind Like Water: Tao 25

There is a mystery,
Beneath abstraction,
Silent, depthless,
Alone, unchanging,
Ubiquitous and liquid,

Mind LIke water 62

The mother of nature.
It has no name, but I call it “the Way”;
It has no limit, but I call it “limitless”.


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