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Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop CS5 & Pixel BenderGavin Hoey

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A snow based photoshop toning tutorial

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The Secret of KJ’s Processing!

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir Retouching tutorial

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir Retouching

tutorial is sponsored by the generously donated pinup images of Kelly @ Bay Area Pinups

This is some of the fun vintage effects achieved with the Vintage packages, video guide after the jump:

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir Retouching tutorial


Free Light Friday: 3-27-09

Double header today!

In reference to creating vintage and antique photo effects, we want to achieve the elusive ‘light leak’ effect…

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sunburst- free texture by Eddi 07.

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The ‘light leak’ effect is a partial bleaching or lightening of the image plane caused by a leak of light at exposure, development, printing, or uneven fading of the image in the aging or weathering process.  A light leak layer is included in the Vintage Multiple choice workflow action.

Vintage Multiple Choice Action Set

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To read a concise tutorial on creating the faded - light leaking look try this tutorial by Wharf 8

Now comes the toning of the image. Again, I used the curves layer to adjust the reds, blues and yellows as well as to slightly fade the image.

If you’d like the Golden Touch in your light leaking adventures – buy the texture set:

Golden Touch Texture Set

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Creative light leaky blessings this friday!

The Golden concept

Here’s a personal introduction for the Golden Touch Series

The Golden Touch package of products is my contribution to a holistic method of thinking and experimenting with a particular style of images/imagery.  The core training piece is a 720p HD training video that is my creative brainstorm + technical tips + workflow tricks + guided meditation.  I think it’s a unique experience and tremendous value at a running time of 1h.  The video training is my most hardcore advice on powerful color correcting tips that push color theory to the max; daily workflow advice from a guy who processes a few thousand images a week; to heartfelt searching and receiving inspiration. I believe this set of tools will pay you back 10 times your investment as you incorporate the golden look into your artistry.

The Golden Touch Series:

Golden Touch Monochrome Golden Touch Video Tutorial

Golden Touch Texture Set Golden Touch Complete Package

Coming soon as a followup – the Vintage package

New York photojournalist signature

How to cross light a mountain: Aoraki Mt. Cook New Zealand

his post is in the Thinking Big series combined with a couple other techniques:

Equals how to cross light a mountain!
Aerial overall view
One of the repetitive questions I get from people are – why such a big flash – and why take it all over with you? I suppose it would be like asking someone who works online the whole time why they use a broadband internet connection (, for them the answer is pretty obvious. And it is for me too, it just makes so many more options available.

Quite frankly – this is EXACTLY why!

In my lighting case that I loaded onto the plane in Rochester New York was:

  • 1 Alien Bee 800 Monoblock flash unit
  • 1 Paul C. Buff Vagabond portable power unit and power cord
  • 1 Black Impact Air Cusioned light stand height 230cm (model #SLS-LS8A)
  • 1 Pocketwizard reciever
  • Paul C Buff 11 inch parabolic reflector

Here’s one of the resulting peak moment shots that I try to reach for in my wedding photojournalism. The lighting case was loaded in the helicopter’s coffin gear carrier for the trip up the mountain and across the island. But a large mono-light wasn’t all I had in my arsenal

Of course I want to cover the whole event with variety as well as style so get past the jump and let’s talk details… (more…)

Catching the color blue, photoshop tutorial

I realized again how much I love the color blue when VFXY had a blue theme week.

Ever wonder why blue is such a wonderful color?

Blue is the hardest color for camera sensors to capture, and the hardest color for CMYK printers to print.

So how we deal with it in Photoshop is of utmost importance.

We’re sitting here on this beautiful blue jewel hanging in the galaxy, wouldn’t it be great if you captured some of that uniqueness in your images?

If you’d like to continue learning about the possibilities to accentuate and control the blue channel, purchase the Beautiful Blues Screen cast Training video.

photoshop tutorial video

Adding a realistic handmade border with PhotoShop tutorial


Final image result:

Double Smiles

Download the fiberglass insulation texture used in this tutorial. Visit Texture

This photoshop tutorial attempts to mimic the traditional printing processes such as Daguerreotype, wet plate collodion, hand painted emulsion and filing the negative carrier for full frame prints. These traditional photographic processes created printing effect that were generated as light passed through the negative, or print material leaving artifacts of hand made imperfection. Modern printing papers such as Innova, Hahnemuhle Paper, and Moab offer the digital artist a fast and tactile solution for creating wonderfully warm pieces in Photoshop.

So the object in Photoshop is to use layers and blending modes to create the effect of light passing through an imperfect emulsion. To do this you will need at least two layers, one in a darkening type mode such as Darken, Multiply, Hard light, or normal mode with light pixels erased. To finish the effect realistically, a second border must be applied over the darkening border so that the two borders interact three dimensionally.

Other shot’s I’ve created borders for:

Courtney & Charlie organic antique

You can download some border and edge effects from several Flickr Groups….

UPDATE: 10/31/08 – custom borders can now be achieved with some control from within Lightrom using OnOne’s PhotoFrame 4

Photoshop Document tutorials included in the Light Touch Texture Package

photoshop border tutorial package

wedding photojournalist signature