Five Tips For Making Ideas Happen – Smashing Magazine

Five Tips For Making Ideas Happen – Smashing Magazine

To avoid this reactionary workflow, some of the most productive people I have met schedule what can be called “windows of non-stimulation” in their day. For two to three hours per day, these people avoid email and all other incoming communication. In this time, they focus on their list of big items: not routine tasks, but long-term projects that require research and deep thought.

Photo Editing workflow in Lightroom 2.0

Editing in Lightroom 2.0

Basic photo editing workflow tips, tricks and layout video by Kevin Swan – Kiss Albums.

If you are learning Lightroom and would like expert guidance, hire a tutor:

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A long talk about LIGHTSPEED

Here’s a nice conversation about where I’m coming from:

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ONE LIGHTROOM: preset for core workflow

ONE LIGHTROOM: preset for core workflow

Use the backbone single preset/calibration/baseline starting point for Neil’s custom ONE ACTION workflow, and don’t bother going all the way to Photoshop.  Custom dodging and burning can now be done in Lightroom, so if you’re just working in Lightroom start out with the color clarity and expression of Neil’s preset.

The Lightroom preset package includes an XMP file for use with Camera Raw as a preset template or camera calibration to save as a Camera Raw default – which is the same way it should be used in Lightroom.

For best results, apply this preset to all your images, and then progress to standard color correction adjustments of exposure, white balance, and curves.  The preset will not alter your color temperature or exposure, but will tweak the host of other settings to bring clarity and a finer balance to your images.

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